Monday, June 26, 2017

This Last Short Week of the 2016/2017 Year

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Here is the week's plan:

Monday: "Let the Games Begin", Jouro Ramp Up Morning, complete with food truck and a selection of fair-like stations/ Jouro in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Locker clean out. All personal effects need to be bagged up and brought home today. We will be creating decorations for the Grade 8 Leaving Ceremony. We will be having some outdoor activity.

Wednesday: The Grade 8 Leaving Ceremony 10:30 to Noon/ Grade 8 Student Luncheon - Semi formal dress please.

Thursday: No classes. Report card pick up from 9 to Noon.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

This week, June 19th to 23rd

This week is full of learning and fun.

Monday, June 19th Classes as scheduled.

Tuesday, June 20th - Outdoor Survival Day - Dress for the weather and bush whacking in our ravine.

Wednesday, June 21st - Come at 5:45 or miss the bus, literally. Bring a backpack, sunscreen, money for food or a pack lunch/dinner stuff. We are off to Playland.

Thursday, June 22nd - Lip Sync Contest in the afternoon.

Friday, June 23rd - Grade 8 Leaving Practice. Rock N Roll Concert between recess and lunch. Jouro practice last block.

Next week:

Monday, June 26th - "Let the Games Begin" Jouro Wind UP and Jouro all afternoon. BRING YOUR LOOSE CHANGE all funds go toward the Nicholas Watson Scholarship Fund and Memorial Bench.

Tuesday, June 27th - Picnic by the river. Locker CLEAN OUT

Wednesday, June 28th - Grade 8 Leaving Ceremony and the students will be provided with a lunch.

Thursday, June 29th - NO scheduled lessons or classes. Report Cards are available for pick up.

Any questions about this week or next email me at:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

This week June 12th to 16th

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I am down to weekly summaries, folks. There will be two more this year.

Academic Wrap Up:

English: You got your marked final projects back. I gave you a basics review package to review some "conventions" that you are not routinely using in your writing.

Social Studies: You looked into an Explorer, the good, the bad and the ugly, which finishes off our period study, 750 to 1700.

Math: You wrote the algebra final and were given an opportunity to do corrections for 10 marks. Strangely, only a third of you are capitalizing on that opportunity. I will accept those corrections until this Friday. We will be investigating three dimensional shapes and wrap up our Grade 8 Math with that topic.

STUDENTS WITH I's (or incomplete major projects)

You have until June 16th, this Friday, to complete that work. Your parents have been informed, but really this all boils down to you. Get it done, collect the rewards. Don't, and don't. Simple.

Calendar Notes:

June 21 - We go to Playland. YES! Don't be late; the Ferry waits for nobody!
June 23 - We rehearse our leaving ceremony and we watch a ROCK N Roll Concert
June 26 - Morning: "Let the Games Begin" Jouro Ramp Up / Afternoon: Jouro Competition
June 27 - Sunriver Day - We spend the day by the river.
June 28 - Leaving Ceremony - between recess and lunch / Grade 8 Student Potluck and Dance
June 29 - Report Cards ready for pick up
June 30th SUMMER

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Friday, June 9, 2017

May 9th

Math: You wrote the Algebra test today.

English: We viewed a survival story and completed a reflection. Short stories and essays were collected today. No extensions as this 4 period work activity was in place of a sit down two hour exam.

S.S.: You viewed a documentary on Magellan in preparation for our explorers' unit.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 7th and 8th

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Money for Playland is due tomorrow or we can't book you a spot on the trip!

English: You were given a final in class block to complete your in class final writing sample, a multi paragraph essay or short-story. Ms Constable and I completed our oral assessments for the District Reading Assessment. Your compositions are due tomorrow, June 9th.

Math: We reviewed for your test tomorrow. The test will cover algebraic expressions, solving one and two step equations using guess and check and the algebraic method, creating a table of values and graphing linear equations.

S.S.: We did Blanket Project, a role play walking you through First Nations' history in Canada. As we study begin to study the explorers, it is important to understand the long-reaching consequences of their discoveries and attitudes.

Today's word:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6th

Career: You self assessed your core competencies.

Math: We continued to work with the algebraic method and our in class assignment. Your quiz is on Friday. A general assessment of your mathematical ability will be given to you next week. You can use the Math page to review.

English: You were given Block 3/4 work period to complete your story.

Social Studies: The Rise of Towns. You read this chapter and took notes on the rise of towns specifically addressing this question: how did the rise of towns affect manorialism and feudalism? Here is the link to that lesson for those of you in band.

Today's word is: MONEY and permission (as in Playland)

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5th

Playland money and permission forms are due ASAP. If you don't have these in by June 9th, you are not going.

English: You worked on your year end final project. This was the second of four work blocks that you will get for this task.

Math: You reviewed how to solve equations using algebra. You had a two page assignment to do in class.

S.S. Div 3: You went to the computer lab to do a web quest. The topic: The Renaissance and Innovations.

Today's word is a verb: to innovate.

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